about us

about us


It was founded in 1954 as a company dedicated to the manufacture of Pumps, with great success in the agricultural field. Thanks to an intense development of technologies, engineering and innovation, we positioned ourselves as a leader in the manufacture and marketing of pumping equipment.

At present, we are a company with a marked technological and industrial oriented nature, specialized in the design, manufacture and integration of high-tech fluid delivery solutions, which are required in a wide spectrum of markets, such as mining, construction, agriculture and the industrial sector in general.
We have national and international presence thanks to our branches throughout the country located in strategic areas. Each of them is endowed with a multidisciplinary work team, trained to propose efficient solutions to the real needs of our clients and be attentive to solve in an agile way the imponderables that the industrial processes may present.
Regarding the achievement of water efficiency, we promote practices based on the intelligent use of water, through innovative, safe and reliable solutions aimed at solving problems in contexts of increasing water scarcity, environmental pollution and climate change.

Global Presence


Our Commercial Office in the United States plays a fundamental role in the promotion of our portfolio of solutions at continental level and in the rest of the world.

We have production infrastructure in Chile and integration agreements with factories in Europe and Asia.

We are currently present in 18 countries, thanks to our solid network of distributors.


We are a company that, through proper engineering design and cultivating the value of closeness with the customer,  we generate High Reliability Fluid Impulsion Solutions.


We aspire to be recognized for generating innovative Fluid Impulsion solutions, seeking always:

To adapt our organization to capture the customer’s need for the required design and technological alignment.

To balance the interests of customers, suppliers, shareholders and partners under a long-term sustainability perspective.

To participate in networks that allow us to be widely connected to business opportunities and top-level suppliers.

To generate a good place to work, attracting and empowering talented people to achieve our goals.


We encourage making decisions that meet the needs of the present, but in balance with a possible long term

We cultivate the tenacious focus on what ensures the achievement of objectives and that leads us to be experts and innovators in our field

We promote the culture of acting in its entirety as a pillar of trust and seriousness to fulfill our commitments in time and place

We seek to do things well from the start and in line with the complete satisfaction of our customers

We value the planning and correct allocation of available resources to ensure the achievement of the proposed objectives

Quality policy

VOGT is a company specialized in the production, assembly, commercialization and integration of fluid impulsion solutions, which offers products that are used in a wide spectrum of market items, and which complements its offer by offering post-sale services, through of the commercialization of spare parts and maintenance services of pumping equipment.
In line with the above, at VOGT we try to provide our customers with impulsion solutions that integrate efficiently and durably into their operations, ensuring faithful compliance with their needs, guaranteeing compliance with delivery times and high product reliability. The above, with a management that allows the growth, profitability and sustainability of the company along with the development of its workers.
Therefore, at VOGT we assume the commitment to be in permanent review and improvement of the processes for the satisfaction of our clients, allowing them to access the best products for their operational needs. All this within the framework of the implementation of high-quality management standards according to the ISO 9001: 2015.

Ricardo Vogt Baeza | Executive Director